OX2 Introduction

  • OX2 Therapeutics was established in 2016 in order to make a transformative impact in the treatment of:
    • Primary Brain Tumors
    • Other Solid Tumors
  • Today there are 700,000 people living in the US with a primary brain and central nervous system tumor
  • 78,000 of new primary brain tumors are diagnosed each year of which 25,000 will be malignant

Our Founders have dedicated their careers to solving this problem

The Genesis of OX2’s 2nd Generation Cancer Treatment

  • In 2012, the founders of OX2 completed two human clinical trials using a vaccine (GBM-6) against a deadly form of brain cancer
  • The vaccine was highly effective in 50% of patients at first, but the cancer came roaring back
  • Why did this happen?
    • After a comprehensive investigation of serial samples from the patients as they failed therapy, it was found that all samples had a heretofore little known protein called CD200 (also known as OX2)
    • This protein, as it turns out has the power to shut off the immune system’s response to cancer

How CD200 Suppresses the Immune System

  • CD200 causes immune suppression in three ways:
    • Tumors actively shed the CD200 protein into the circulation
    • Tumor associated blood vessels become lined with CD200, inactivating T-Cells (cancer fighting cells) as they try to enter the tumor environment
    • Current tumor derived vaccines actually are chocked full of CD200 which quashes the immune response

OX2’s 2nd Generation Inhibitor -- Disruptive

  • OX2 founders set out to neutralize CD200’s power over the Immune System
  • They succeeded by moving to a novel CD200 Checkpoint peptide inhibitor
  • Substantiated data demonstrates the mechanism of action in three distinct forms:
    • OX2 inhibitory peptide activates the immune system through a CD200 activation receptor
    • Anti-CD200 receptor antibodies allow the immune system army to pass through blood vessel walls, enabling cancer killing activity

Under NDA; OX2 will share data supporting these claims

Immunotherapy – The Promise To Cure Cancer

  • “This is a fundamental change in the way that we think about cancer therapy,” said Dr. Jedd Wolchok, chief of melanoma and immunotherapeutic services at Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • That said,
    • Researchers are challenged to overcome the complex interplay between the immune system and the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment
    • Progression to a productive immune response involves passing a complex number of immunological checkpoints that act as barriers to effective immunotherapy
  • Checkpoint Inhibitors hold great promise to overcome this interplay
  • Due to that promise, Checkpoint Inhibitors are and have been Fast Tracked through clinical trials by the FDA for solid tumors
  • With a successful funding OX2 can start a clinical trial with a high probability of gaining this fast track annotation

OX2’s Intellectual Property

  • OX2 Therapeutics has exclusive clinical / commercial license grant on the following patents from the University of Minnesota
    • CD200 Derived Peptide Augments Tumor Induced Suppression. 62/250,376
    • Use of OX2 Inhibitors Conjugated to Adjuvants to Overcome Tumor Induced Suppression, and Enhance Immune Responses. 14/788,088
  • Additionally, we will be granted a license to a patent application that is being completed
  • Finally, we have received word that one of our patent application is being fast tracked for approval by the USPTO

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